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Product name: Instantaneous gas fired water heater Product types: JSD12-6CR, JSD14-7CR, JSD16-8CR/JSD20-10CR

Feature and benefits:

1. Full automatic water control and large hot water supply.
2. Low start-up water pressure and digital display of water temperature.
3. Flue water heater is with multiple safety protections.
4. Simple and refined European design.


1. Auto ignition. Hot water comes out by turning on inlet valve.
2. Hot water stops running and fire extinguishes immediately by turning off the water valve.
3. Water flow and heat power are controlled separately.
4. Combustor and heat exchanger are with innovative design, good combustion performance, high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.
5. Our gas fired water heater is CE certified.
6. Installed with high sensitive IC ion flame device, which can cut off inner power of water heater immediately in accidental flameout.
7. Automatic shutdown every 20 minutes.
8. Start under low water pressure to meet requirements of users in high-rise buildings.
9. It is with heat power adjustment in section, which makes temperature adjustment easier.
10. It is equipped with device that makes water temperature be in consistent with seasons. It can supply water with different temperature in four seasons.

Specification of flue water heater:

Type JSD12-6CR JSD14-7CR JSD16-8CR JSD20-10CR
Rated heat load(kW) 12 14 16 20
Rated capability of hot water supply (△T=25℃) 6kg/min 7kg/min 8kg/min 10kg/min
Rated gas pressure Liquefied petroleum gas 2800 pa
Natural gas 2000 pa
Manufactured gas 1000 pa
Control method By outlet valve
Exhaust method Flue type
Applicable water pressure (Mpa) 0.02~1.0
Gas entrance G1/2 or G3/4
Cold water inlet G1/2
Hot water outlet G1/2
Product size(mm) 445×300×120 498×332×159 498×332×159 590×327×195
Package size(mm) 595×365×190 645×390×235 645×390×235 750×390×250
Gross weight/net weight(kg) 6.1/4.9 7.8/6.3 7.8/6.3 11.1/9.1
Container number 20'/40'/40'HQ 727/1478/1672 507/1032/1167 507/1032/1167 410/834/944