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This type of flat plate solar collector has a greater absorber surface and can be used in single-family houses as well as in housing blocks, public and industrial buildings and others.


1. Adopting innovative technology with particularly efficient energy yield
2. Absorptivity ≥95%
3. Emissivity ≤5%;
4. Long service life through robust and weather-resistant fibreglass frame
5. Solar safety glass with a light transmission ratio≥91%;
6. Thermal insulation of the back panel for lower heat loss
7. Max. Operation Pressure: 600KPa
8. Solar KEYMARK certified.
9. Ultrasound-welded seams for minimum heat loss

Product drawing:

Pic.1 Solar Collector installed on the roof with sloping sides
Pic.2 Solar Collector installed on the flat roof

Pic.3 Solar Collector Connection Diagram
Pic.4 Solar Collector Project Installation Diagram


Outline Dimension 2200mm×1100mm×92mm
Absorber Thickness 0.3mm
Cover 3.2mm
Bottom Insulation 45mm
Side Insulation 15mm
Header Tube Ф22×0.5mm
Branch Pipe Ф8×0.6mm
Stagnation Temperature 145.6℃
Collector Area 2.42 m2
Aperture Area 2.18 m2
Liquid Capacity 1.3L
Max. Operation Pressure 600KPa
Net Weight 42kg
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