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Balcony type solar water heater is made up of heat receiver, transparent cover plate, insulating layer, shell and so on. As an experienced manufacturer, our products are popular worldwide due to its high performance and competitive price. Vanward is devoted to be the leading producer of solar water heater for customer.


1. The thickness of main part’s frame is 1.2mm.
2. The absorber plate adopts German BlueTec, and its absorption ratio is ≥95% and emission ratio ≤5%
3. Absorber plate uses the advanced laser welding method with even and solid welding points.
4. Cover plate adopts super white tempered glass, and air tightness≥91%.
5. High heat property, ηoa=0.701,а1а=3.91W/(㎡.k), а2а=0.027W/(㎡.k2)
6. Insulation layer uses drying technology to avoid water vapor when using it.
7. Flow channel adopts purple copper tube and good welding, thus it can withstand work pressure 600KPa.
8. Our balcony type solar water heater has been certificated by Solar Keymark.


Pic. 1 Balcony/Wall-hung Solar Collector

Specifications of balcony type solar water heater:

Outline Dimension 2440mm×820mm×92mm
Absorber Thickness 0.3mm
Cover 3.2mm
Bottom Insulation 45mm
Side Insulation 15mm
Header Tube Ф22×0.5mm
Branch Pipe Ф8×0.6mm
Stagnation Temperature 145.6℃
Collector Area 2.0m2
Aperture Area 1.77m2
Liquid Capacity 2.1L
Max. Operation Pressure 600KPa
Net Weight 38kg
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