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Customer Service Declaration of Vanward

Dear Esteemed Vanward’s User,

Please read this Customer Service Items thoroughly before installing or using our products, so as to fully enjoy the services provided by our company. Vanward 24-hour Service Line: 400-830-8383(Local Call Charges)
Vanward implement Warranty Service according to State Regulations to the products sold through normal channels.
Free consultation, Free installation design, Free installation.
Provide service if the products are in warranty.
Warranty: (Warranty period begins from the purchase date)

1.Gas Water Heater, Electric Water Heater, Gas Stove, Cooker Hood, Sterilizer: 1 year warranty for whole machine. Spare Parts: 5 years for Inner Liner of Electric Water Heater, 6 years for Motor of Cooker Hood.

2.3 years for main engine (Water Tank, Vacuum Tube and Stand) of Solar Water Heater.

3. Heat Pump Water Heater: 2 years warranty for whole machine, 3 years for water tank and compressor.

If any condition likes as follows, we can only provide service with charges:

1.The malfunction caused by the nonstandard using or not meeting the national safety standard.

2.The breakdown by the incorrect operation of installation, using, maintenance or keeping.

3.The damage caused by the installation or repairing from the un-authorized maintenance company.

4.Users who have no "Warranty Card”, "Valid Purchase Certificate”, and the ones who haven’t opened the warranty procedures.

5.The Model and No. in "Warranty Card” doesn’t match the machine which need repair.

6.The damage caused by the Force Majeure.

7.The service items and content which are not in our commitment.

Warranty Procedures

After the installation and qualified testing, please read carefully and fill out the "Vanward Counts File Card” and "User Installation Confirmation”, and give them to the authorized installation service provider of Vanward.
The "Vanward Warranty Card” is the necessary certificate for free service in Warranty Period, please keep it well.
Please fill out the "Warranty Card” neatly, so as to provide the satisfied service for you.

Free Installation

Free installation services

1.Install a cold and a hot water valves, gas, cold water and hot water pipes within 2 meters to the mainframe.

2.Drill two holds on wall for the hot water and cold water pipes

3.Assemble the accessories bundled with the mainframe

4.Commissioning the mainframe when the installment complete. Train the users to operate, care and maintenance our produce .

Condition for the free installation

1.Provide "Varward Counts File Card”, "Warranty Card” and the bar code.

2.Provide effective Invoice or relative purchase document.

3.It should be installed by Contracted service providers of Vanward.

Project fees

1.Additional user requirements which is exclude from the accessories bundled with the mainframe.

2.Drill holds on wall or glass for installing the smoke pips.

3.Services excluded from the Free Installment Service.

4.Produce replacement or reinstall.


: Any parts excluded from the accessories bundled with mainframe, should be purchased by the user or installer, and will NOT be covered by our after services. If any quality problems occur, please refer to the distributor for warranty.

Service and Supervise

When the installer come to your door, please show your effective purchase invoice or other relative documents to enjoy our service staff, only after you make sure they are from contracted service provider of Vanward.
Please monitor the process of our service staff to ensure your rights
The service staff should run and test the machine successfully at least 2 times after installing or repairing, and show how to operation the product, daily care and maintenance for you to confirm the service effectiveness. If you don't satisfy with the outcome, you have right to refuse signing on the bill, and ask them to recheck it.
When the installation was qualified, please fill out the Users monitor content form of "Installation Confirmation” on stub A of warranty card as required. Then hand the "Vanward Counts File Card” in our staff for after service procedure.
Our service staff will paste stud B on the Vanward warranty card. Users should fill in the warranty card with neat hand writing, and keep it well. The bar code on the Debit Card (Stud A) and the one on the Warranty Card (stud B) should be identical with the bar code(stud D) pasted on product.
After maintaining the product and commissioning to normal, please sign on "vanwrad product maintenance worksheet” and confirm the content of maintenance, and save your customer stud. If you are not satisfied with the services provided by service personnel, please contact us on click and below to the 'user repairs and complaint way’.


please keep your bar codes(stud D) on the product, without bar code, we will not be able to provide you with free warranty service.

User repairs and Complaint way

In case of any abnormal situation appear on your Vanward product which is using, please according to the instructions on page XX, "Troubleshooting Guide” goes to trial check and handle.
You can call the After Service Department to contact us, in order to we can fix break-down of the products timely and accurately for you, please inform us the following content:

1.The product name, model and service life which you are using;

2.Fault phenomenon( as much detail as possible)

3.The around process of breakdown appears.

If your products and services which we provided have a question or dissatisfaction, including the product quality, installation and maintenance, service attitude, charging criterion and so on, please reflect to our company local service center, distributor or service network, and they will process your opinion properly.

If the above units are cannot solve your problem or the treatment results are not satisfied, please reflect to our customer service department of company headquarter, or login our company website immediately, we will solve it for you properly.

Address: Customer Service Department of Vanward Group, No.13, Jianye Mid-Road, Shunde High-tech Industry Development Zone, Ronggui, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China 528305 The 24 hours service hotline: 400-830-8383(No long distance, Phone local only) 0757-28382625 

 Guidance Fax No. : 0757-28382652 l You can contact us via E-mail or Internet: Service mailbox: Service@chinavanward.com
Service website: http://www.chinavanward.com
This guide is subject to change without notice. [The Right to Interpret of terms related to this After-sales Service is belong to Guangdong Vanward New Electric Co., Ltd.]