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Lucky Star

Lucky Star
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Introduction of Residential Gas Boilers:

CE certified wall hung gas boiler is a hot water heating system. It adopts gas or oil as fuel. Water vapor generated from the burning of gas in the boiler condenses back into liquid water, and releases the latent heat of vaporization from the water. Since latent heat is a more significant source of energy, condensing boilers have high efficiency reaching 98%.

Features of Residential Gas Boilers:

1. European straight panel design.
2. Double independent heat exchange system with heat exchanging rate reaching 103%.
3. Rigid combustion chamber can low the noise.
4. Self-developed automatic constant temperature control system.
5. Core parts of CE certified wall hung gas boiler are from world famous brands.
6. Multiple linkage automatic protection.
7. Sanitary water adopts digital constant technology.

Technology of Residential Gas Boilers:

1. Integrated gas- air control system, which enables adequate combustion. It is with low noise and low energy consumption.
2. Integral burning and heat exchanging system saves space and makes the surface temperature lower.
3. High efficiency and energy saving: CE certified wall hung gas boiler exchanges heat forcedly, and makes full use of the latent heat emitted during the condensing process. Heat thermal can reach 107%. It adopts low oxygen combustion technology, which reduces the gas volume.
4. Low carbon emission and environment


Gas and air are mixed fully before combustion, so the coefficient of excess air is between 1.1 and 1.3. It can fully combust with low oxygen content accordingly. Moreover, by using technology of catalyzed combustion, it is efficient to avoid large emission of hazardous material, mainly CO and NOX. CO is below 60ppm and NOX is below 40ppm. The emission of CO is only 1/10 of national standard. Type of CE Certified Wall Hung Gas Boiler
H Series K Series
Super Star Lucky Star
Ocean Star Y Series
E Series Angel Star