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Introduction of China Certified Condensing Boiler

Gas fired water boiler, a hot water heating system, adopts gas as fuel. Our water boiler comes with good quality and low energy consumption. With a wide range, it is easy for you to take the right gas boiler for your family.

Features of China Certified Condensing Boiler

1. Gas fired water boiler has the function of timing reservation for one week.
2. It uses digital display of heating and water temperature, and large LCD screen to display working status.
3. Gas fired water boiler is with self-detection functions to indicate corresponding security protection code.
4. Control the strength of the fire as per the thermal load needs, so as to realize self control of hot water constant temperature.
5. Ionic fire failure protection function to ensure gas is cut off when fire fails.
6. Heating and circulating hot water adopt the same system, and they can interchange freely.
7. Protection against extreme temperature to prevent boiler getting too hot and damaged.
8. It is with automatic bypass protection function to supplement water when tube gets blocked through the bypass, so as to avoid heating without water.
9. Gas fired water boiler is with 3bar(1bar=1kgf/cm2=0.1MPa)safety valve to prevent overburden for the tube.
10. Micro negative pressure sealing combustion, which will not consume indoor air or pollute indoor air.
11. Fire will die out automatically when the flue gets blocked or there is downdraft, and it will display the security protection code to ensure the boiler is safe.
12. Gas fired water boiler is with pressure switch which can ensure that the boiler will not ignite when water or water pressure is in shortage.
13. It is with three minutes delay function to prevent damage caused by frequent turn-on, so as to prolong its working life.
14. Water pump will work for one minute when the boiler stops working for 24 hours continually.
15. Gas fired water boiler adopts electronic pressure sensor to inspect the system water pressure.

Advantages of China Certified Condensing Boiler

1. It is with European fashion style and humanization operation, which makes human-machine interaction come true.
2. Gas fired water boiler adopts unique design for ignition and double-ignition from front side.
3. Condensing boiler uses unique step-motor which can control gas flow precisely.
4. Clip type of temperature sensor which can avoid scale deposit and damage, as well as improve the stability of the gas fired water boiler.
5. Sealed combustion chamber with strengthened micro-negative pressure technology to avoid any leakage of exhaust gas.
6. It is easy to be used and maintained with on-line temperature dynamic display and automatic error defecting code.
Diagram of Gas Fired Water Boiler

Specifications of Gas Fired Water Boiler:

Model L1PB18-L18BL Unit
Rated Heat Output 18 kW
Rated Heating supply Output 17.3 kW
Minimum Heat Input 6.7 kW
Minimum Heating Supply Output 6.2 kW
Range of Heating Supply Temp. 30~80
Range of Floor Heating Supply Temp. 30~55
Pressure of Heating Supply System 0.05~0.3 MPa
Maximum Pressure of Heating Supply System 0.3 MPa
Expansion Tank Capacity 6 L
Preset Pressure Of Expansion Tank 0.1 MPa
Temp Range Of Shower Water Supply 30~60
Comfortable Temp. Range Of Water Supply 35~45
Maximum Pressure of Shower Water 0.6 MPa
Minimum Pressure of Shower Water 0.02 MPa
ΔT=25℃ Water Supply Capability 10 Kg/min
ΔT=30℃ Water Supply Capability 8.3 Kg/min
Voltage/Frequency 220/50 V/Hz
Maximum Input Power 110 W
Insulation Grade

Waterproof Grade IPX4

Connector of Heating Supply Outlet/Backwater G3/4 Inch
Gas Inlet G3/4 Inch
Connector of Circulating Hot Water G3/4 Inch
Coaxial Inlet/Outlet Flue Φ60/Φ100 mm
Rated Pressure of Natural Gas 2000 Pa
Front Nozzle Pressure of Natural Gas (Max/ Min) 1200/150 Pa
Gas Consumption of Natural Gas (Max/Min) 1.85/0.69 Nm3/h
Rated Pressure of Liquefied Gas 2800 Pa
Front Nozzle Pressure of Liquefied Gas (Max/ Min) 2350/300 Pa
Gas Consumption of Liquefied Gas (Max/Min) 0.68/0.25 Nm3/h
Net Weight 39 kg
Appearance Dimension: L×W×H 740×410×328 mm
Energy Efficiency Grade Grade 1
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