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Built-in Type Gas Stove

Introduction: Gas stove is cooker that adopts natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas or other flammable gas as a fuel source in cooking. As the leading brand and top supplier of kitchen appliance in China, Wanhe China built-in gas stove is with high performance and competitive price.

Types of Gas Stove

1. Single burner
2. Two Burners
3. Three Burners
4. Four Burners
5. Five Burners

Advantages of Gas Stove

1. Our China built-in gas stove adopts unique internal combustion technology. The thermal efficiency can reach 63%.
2. Full sealing panel. The first and second air used for combustion is supplied above the panel.
3. It is convenient for you to adjust the fire, as there are three circles fire.
4. It is easy to clean black tempered glass surface
5. Gas stove is with multiple burners for your choice.

Installation of Gas Stove

1. Clear height of the room where the China built-in gas stove installs shall not be less than 2.2 meters.
2. Effective heat insulation measures shall be taken between the gas stove and combustible wall.
3. Aisle shall not be less than one meter between gas stove and the opposite wall.

Notes of Gas Stove

1. Ventilation opening between cabinet and bottom of gas stove shall not be less than 100cm2, so as to ensure ventilation and avoid accidence.
2. Turn on fume extractor (ventilator or range hood) when cooking.
3. Please do not touch burner cap, bracket and stove surface when cooking or just turning off, to avoid getting burned
4. Ensure no metal material, inflammable and explosive material beside the China built-in gas stove.
5. Turn off the main valve immediately when there is gas leakage or peculiar smell.
6. Turn off the switch and main valve of the gas supply before leaving home or going to bed.