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Description of Roof Type Solar Collector:

The main elements of roof top solar heat collector include absorber, piping, housing and glass covering. Vanward roof type solar collectors are one of the industry’s highest rated collectors in China, which offer you lasting heating convenience for hot water heating and central heating backup. Thanks to the top standard of quality and robust contracture, our products allow you to use the energy of the sun over particularly long time.

Features of roof top solar heat collector:

1. Elegant design and high efficiency
2. Frame thickness: 1.2mm
3. Absorber imported from Germany BlueTec
4. Optimal heat absorption and overall efficiency: High absorption of solar radiation (≥95%) and at the same time low emission of infrared radiation (≤5%).
5. The absorber of China roof type solar collector is designed using the method of laser welding, which allows for permanent and durable connection of copper and aluminum elements of absorber.
6. The cover of the housing is made with structural glass offering high permeability to solar radiation (≥91%).
7. Copper pipes, firmly welded.
8. Roof top solar heat collector can withstand 600KPa working pressure
9. Roof type solar collector has been subject to quality texts which are confirmed by Solar KEYMARK certificate.

Product Drawing of Roof Type Solar Collector:

Pic.1 Solar Collector installed on the roof with sloping sides
Pic.2 Solar Collector installed on the flat roof

Pic.3 Solar Collector Connection Diagram Pic.4 Solar Collector Project Installation Diagram Parameter of Roof Type Solar Collector

Outline Dimension 2000mm×1000mm×92mm
Absorber Thickness 0.3mm
Cover 3.2mm
Bottom Insulation 45mm
Side Insulation 15mm
Header Tube Ф22×0.5mm
Branch Pipe Ф8×0.6mm
Stagnation Temperature 145.6℃
Collector Area 2.0m2
Aperture Area 1.79m2
Liquid Capacity 1.2L
Max. Operation Pressure 600KPa
Net Weight 35kg

Types of Roof Top Solar Heat Collector

P-G/0.6-L/JS-1.8-2-E-Z P-G/0.6-L/JS-2.2-2-F-Z
P-G/0.6-L/HG-1.8-ZG/G-A1 P-G/0.6-L/HG-2.2-Z/G-A1
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