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3 Burners Gas Stove

3 Burners Gas Stove
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Introduction of Gas Range with Three Burners

As the leading brand and top supplier of gas stove in China, we are available with a variety of features and a range of options about three burners gas stove. To ensure safe operation, gas stove shall be selected and purchased correctly. Vanward gas range completes your kitchen.

Advantages of Gas Range with Three Burners

1. Three burners gas stove is with high safety, as air comes in from upper side, and no tempering.
2. Powerful fire with even heating, which can lower energy consumption.
3. It is with full sealed panel to ensure stable combustion.
4. It is durable and unlikely to get deformed.

Notes of Gas Range with Three Burners

1. Take off the pot holder, burn caps, closing ring, burner cap seat in turn before cleaning.
2. Use soft cloth or sponge with neutral and non-corrosive cleanser to clean the surface; avoid chlorine cleaner to clean the glass stove surface. Make sure no water enter inside through water pan or rotary knob.
3. Get rid of the dirt and carbon deposition with thin steel needle for the three burners gas stove.
4. Avoid directly using water to clean the burner cap, nor hard staff to wipe the burner and its coating surface, which may cause serious damage.
5. Replace the burner cap seat, closing ring, burner cap and pot holder in turn. Typical type of Gas Range with

Three Burners HQ3L60AAZX Built-in Gas Hob with Three Burners

Imported SABAF burner power kW 3.5
Imitated SABAF burner power kW 2.5
Panel material Tempered glass/8
Pot holder Cast iron/
Matte enamel
Voltage 110V
Fire failure protection yes
Hole dimension 555×475
Product dimension 610×525×100
Package size 645×560×153
Net weight 11.18
Gross weight 12.48

Types of Gas Range with Three Burners