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Introduction of Constant Temperature Gas Water Heater

Name: Instantaneous hot water heater Type: JSQ18-10SV56, JSQ20-12SV56, JSQ28-16SV56

Feature and Benefits:

1. Constant temperature gas water heater is with multiple intelligent
2.gas supply and wide-range water temperature adjustment
3. Second generation of six high-effective and energy saving combustion technology and condensing heat exchange technology with highest heat efficiency reaching to 103%
4. Wireless remote control technology
5. Multi-functional LED display and touch monitor
6. Multiple safety protections and automatic fault detecting code

Advantages of Constant Temperature Gas Water Heater

1. Patent of integrated stainless steel condensation technology
2. Instantaneous hot water heater adopts second generation of AI intelligent constant engine
3. DC electrodeless frequency conversion combustion technology
4. Special water flow server (water and gas adjustment)
5. New three valve and five speed intelligent section combustion technology.
6. Precise magnetic levitation type gas proportional valve.
7. Z-type combustor with stable flame core.
8. Forced combustion technology with full seal.
9. Water flow sensor with high precision.
10. Oxygen-free copper water bank with high efficiency and environment friendly. Specifications of Constant

Temperature Gas Water Heater:

Rated heat load(kW) 18 20 28
Rated capability of hot water supply (△T=25℃) 10kg/min 12kg/min 16kg/min
Rated gas pressure Liquefied petroleum gas 2800 pa
Natural gas 2000 pa
Manufactured gas 1000 pa
Control method By outlet valve
Exhaust method Forced type
Applicable water pressure (Mpa) 0.02~1.0
Gas entrance G1/2 or G3/4
Cold water inlet G1/2
Hot water outlet G1/2
Product size(mm) Ф60 Ф60 Ф80
Control method 620×360×144 620×360×144 645×390×148
Package size(mm) 815×495×216 815×495×216 889×575×250
Gross weight/net weight(kg) 20/17.5 20/17.5 22.5/19.5
Container number 20'/40'/40'HQ 330/680/800 330/680/800 210/440/530

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