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Single burner Gas Stove

Single burner Gas Stove
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Introduction of Built-in Gas Stove

At the bottom and side of the single burner gas stove, there are vents which enable gas mix air and make gas get fully burned, so as to generate blue fire with higher heat value to save energy. With improved rigidity and strength, it is unlikely to get deformed.

Features of Built-in Gas Stove

1. Whirl fire enables larger fire, quicker heating and less gas consumption.
2. Single burner gas stove adopts unique material which ensures long working life.
3. With humanization design, it is of high safety.
4. It is easy to clean, due to large sealed water pan to prevent decoction entering.
5. It is with European style, elaborate and elegent.

Notes of Built-in Gas Stove

1. Take off the pot holder, burn caps, closing ring, burner cap seat in turn before cleaning.
2. Use soft cloth or sponge with neutral and non-corrosive cleanser to clean the single burner gas stove surface; avoid chlorine cleaner to clean the glass stove surface. Make sure no water enter inside through water pan or rotary knob.
3. Get rid of the dirt and carbon deposition with thin steel needle.
4. Avoid directly using water to clean the burner cap, nor hard staff to wipe the burner and its coating surface, which may cause serious damage.
5. Replace the burner cap seat, closing ring, burner cap and pot holder in turn.