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Our gas stove with grill features high tech, including high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and security function. With our outstanding technical advances and powerful R&D capability, we are capable to offer the satisfactory ovens. Gas stove with grill is ideal equipment for all kinds of Chinese and Western household use.


1. It is with speedy temperature-rising and good temperature-keeping
2. Timer Control on grill time and gas cut-off
3. Interior oven light
4. Gas stove with grill is with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance
5. Switch between gas and electricity
6. Imported aluminum control valve
7. It is with multiple protections for abnormal combustion (Including flame failure device, electricity cut-off and gas cut-off)
8. Forced cooling and exhaust system


1. Oven volume in liters (L):60
2. Grill temperature: 130-250℃
3. Oven lamp: 15W
4. Bottom burner rated power: 4.0 KW
5. European four fold-burner stove
6. Triple ring wok burner(3.5Kw)×1 7. Semi Rapid Burner (1.75KW) ×2
8. Auxiliary Burner(1.0 KW) ×1 9.
Power supply: 220-240V, 50/60HZ 10.
Gas type: NG or LPG

Specification of gas stove with grill:

Model No. Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Loading(pcs)
product carton N.W. G.W. 20 40 40HQ
JKZ6P11-01 600×600×850 670×700×980 37 44 60 123 156
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