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With years’ research and development in gas stove, we successfully produce the CE approval gas BBQ with four burners. We are dedicated to be the leading supplier of gas grill

Specification of CE Approval Gas BBQ with 4 Burners

Firebox Construction Four layers welding
Firebox Material and Thickness Black porcelain, 0.7mm
Firebox Size (Width / Depth) 62.4× 43.4cm
Primary Burners (#) 3
Primary Burner Type and Material φ25 439/304 stainless steel straight pipe
Primary Burner BTU’s (Each) 12,000
Primary Burner BTU's (Total) 36,000
Primary Cooking Grate Width (useable) 31.3cm
Primary Cooking Grate Depth (useable) 42.9cm
Total Primary Cooking Grate Area
Warming Rack Width (useable) 51.1cm
Warming Rack Depth (useable) 20.8cm
Total Warming Rack Area
Total Cooking Area (Primary Cooking Grate + Warming Rack)
Primary Cooking Grate (Finish, Material, Thickness) Matte cast iron enamel
Plate NO
Warming Rack Construction (Finish, Material, Thickness) Electroplate 3.5mm
Side Burner (Yes, No) yes
Side Burner Type (Traditional, Infrared Searing, etc) Traditional stainless steel side burner
Side Burner BTU’s 11000
Rear Burner (Yes or No) NO
Rear Burner Type No
Rear Burner BTU’s No
Rear Kit Included NO
Ignition Type (Electronic, Piezo, Push & Turn, etc) Electronic
(Piezoelectric, one of four, black cap)
Convertible to Natural Gas (Orifices Included?) No
Lights (# and Type) No
Flame Tamer Construction (Finish, Material, Thickness) Black porcelain,0.6mm
Grease tray Galvanized sheet 0.5
Hood Construction (Material, Walls/Liner, Thickness) Double covers; black paint high temperature middle panel,0.7mm; galvanized sheet lining,0.5mm;
Hood End cap Construction (Material, Thickness) High temperature black paint metal side panel
Logo NO
Temp Gauge? (Yes or No) yes
Lid Handle Construction and Material φ25 stainless steel pipe
Control Panel High temperature silver gray middle and side panel,0.6mm
Knob Black plastic knob, with plastic electroplate knob seat
Cart Type (Full, Partial, Material, Thickness) Open-type matte black paint frame (Partial)
Doors or Front panels (Material, Wall, Thickness) Two black paint front boards 0.6mm
Door Handle (Material, Wall, Thickness) N/A
Panels (Material, Thickness) Black painted base plate 0.6mm;(with no side and rear panel)
Side Shelves (Material, Thickness) Black painted side stage,0.7mm
Slide Out Tank Drawer? (Yes or No) NO
Storage Drawers (#, Material, Glide Type) NO
Heat Shield Construction Galvanized panel
Wheel/Caster 2×7" Wheels
Regulator + hose NO
Packaging Black print common brown box
Unique Features Enameled side burner shelf
Overall Dimension 134×56×116cm
(L × D × H)
Weight Per Unit (pounds)(BL) 33.5
Carton height (inches) (inch) 750mm
Carton width (inches) (inch) 620mm
Carton depth (inches) (inch) 635mm
Carton weight (pounds)(BL) 39.5
Cube Per Unit 0.3
20' - Units Per Container 81
40' - Units Per Container 171
40' HC - Units Per Container 228
45' - Units Per Container

Types of Gas Grill with Four Burners

GD4205S-M GD4833
GD4219S GD4215S
GD4210S-B1 GD4218S
GD4208S GD4213S
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