China Resources will rely on the strong manufacturing capability and high quality assurance of Vanward to try their best to develop its gas business

Industry News | 2015-04-30 | Print
In the morning of Nov.9th, 2010, the signing ceremony about the cooperation between Guangdong Vanward New Electric Co.,Ltd.( hereinafter “Vanward”) and Shenzhen China Resources Gas (Holding) Ltd. (hereinafter “China Resources) was hold in the headquarters of Shenzhen China Resources Gas (Holding) Ltd. Vanward and China Resources was formed an official strategic partnership after signing by the representative of two sides - Director of Vanward sales management center Gong Peiqian and Assistant General Manager of China Resources Shi Baofeng. China Resources will rely on the strong manufacturing capability and high quality assurance of Vanward to try their best to develop its gas business.

During the signing ceremony, Vanward vice chairman Lu Chulong said that it’s a rare opportunity to be the strategic partner with China Resources. Vanward will treat it as brother. Both sides should be used their advantages in order to develop and progress together. Also, Vice chairman Lu Chulong has much confidence on the prospects for cooperation with China Resources. The products sales will be promoted and the market will be enlarged by dint of more than 70 member company sales platform and thousands of million client resources of China Resources. And during the extensive contacts by both sides, Vanward will continue to learn the excellent manmagement experience from China Resources, to bring new ideas for the company development and promote the further improvement of the management level.

Assistant General Manager Shi Baofeng of China Resources introduced the basic situation of their company briefly. Referring to the cooperation with Vanward, Shi Baofeng frankly said that they have investigated a lot of enterprises, but after understanding the strong manufacturing capacity and quality assurance abilities of Vanward, China Resources gradually strengthened the belief to cooperate with Vanward. In addition, both sides have the similar development path, from small to big, from weak to strong, it made them closer and closer. China Resources focus on the city gas business, and the development goal for Vanward is to be the world’s gas appliance manufacturing centre. Both sides have the similar focus and perspective. Those will provide the basis for Vanward and China Resources to be a strategic partner.

Background information:

China Resources Gas (Holding) Ltd. is subsidiary enterprise of China Resources (Holding) Ltd. which is one of the key central enterprises of China. It’s combined and reorganized to be a professional gas company in Jan. 2007 by China Resources gas Ltd., China Resources gas investment (Hongkong) Ltd. and the holding gas enterprises of China Resources Group. China Resources gas mainly invests and manages the city gas business in domestic market, including the pipeline gas, car gas, bottled gas and the sales of gas appliance, etc.